Live from Switzerland: App Builders 2018

mimoLive is great for recording and streaming of presentations. This example is from App Builders 2018, a conference for mobile app developers hosted by the Swiss Mobile Developer Association. Equipment used by live streaming expert Stefan Völker include a 17" MacBook Pro, Sony cameras, Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorders, Epiphan HDs, an Elgato Thunderbolt Dock, a Zoom audio recorder and an iPad for running the Remote Control Surface.

Stop Motion Skateboarder

The old Skateboarder vs. Spaceship plot reanimated with gusto by Stephen Coad. "iStopMotion is straight forward and easy, and being able to use a DSLR camera with it means you can get a high quality looking video," Stephen writes. We love how stop motion animation enables the craziest plots to come to live without a huge production budget. Root for the skateboarder, will he prevail in the end?