The Girl, the Crow and a Whole Lot of Awesome iStopMotion

We love finding awesome examples of students who are using iStopMotion as part of a class assignment, and Jess Wiltey’s video “The Girl and the Crow” is one of a kind! She’s a third-year student at Rochester Institute of Technology double-majoring in New Media Design and Visual Media, and the project was completed during her first year for her 4D (time-based) design class.

“I cut out all of the pieces from black cardstock and then set them up underneath a downward facing camera hooked up to iStopMotion,” Jess says. “Our professor provided us with step-by-step instructions on how to use the program, but I had no trouble navigating it. Overall, I had a good experience during the 3 hours it took me to complete the video!”

“The Girl and the Crow” is a beautiful example of what you can do with paper and a free afternoon! We know we would have given Jess an A+ on her work. Let us know how it inspired you!

Great job, Jess!