Live from Switzerland: App Builders 2018

mimoLive is great for recording and streaming of presentations. This example is from App Builders 2018, a conference for mobile app developers hosted by the Swiss Mobile Developer Association. Equipment used by live streaming expert Stefan Völker include a 17" MacBook Pro, Sony cameras, Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorders, Epiphan HDs, an Elgato Thunderbolt Dock, a Zoom audio recorder and an iPad for running the Remote Control Surface.

Tips & Tricks: Hiding the macOS desktop when playing out to a projector

If you're using mimoLive to drive a presentation screen at a conference, you might recognise this problem: If you work outside the app, for example setting up stuff or if mimoLive crashes, your audience sees the macOS Desktop UI instead of what you want them to see. Here is a handy trick (or two) to hide the desktop UI and display a branded message instead.

This is also useful if you're presenting with FotoMagico, Keynote, PowerPoint and other slide show apps.

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