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Imagine… Today’s the day mankind has been waiting for. What if you could get your reporter on air instantly from anywhere? What if you could get the images back to the studio without a truckload of equipment? What if you could do all this on a shoestring budget? Imagine…

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mimoLive Reporter for iOS

Be Live On Air When and Where it Matters

mimoLive Reporter is the essential live streaming app you need when “it’s happening”.

Add station graphics, lower thirds, prerecorded videos and more to your show and stream it live to YouTube,, Streamshark or any other RTMP based service such as Facebook Live, Periscope and more.

mimoLive Reporter provides a ReplayKit Broadcasting extension, allowing you to stream your game play live.

mimoLive Reporter is also the default client for mimoCall, a feature of the mimoLive live video production system for Mac, which lets you connect instantly from anywhere into a live show produced with mimoLive.

mimoLive Reporter is now in beta testing via Apple TestFlight. If you want to participate please fill out this short questionnaire. (Please note that there is a limited supply of beta test invites available and your participation can not be guaranteed.)

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Trailer Credits

Moderator: Leonard Christ – Reporter: Julian Weiß – Alien: Florian Seifert – Voiceover: Christoph Molthagen – Director of Photography: Tobias Witzgall – Audio Postproduction: Benjamin Federer – Audio Recording: Daniel Freyer – Grip: Ludwig Nelhiebel – Lighting: Niklas Wildmann – Sounds by (see video for complete list)

Early Live Streaming: Solar Eclipse of 1999

A History of mimoLive: The Early Years

In a sense, mimoLive was born on August 11th, 1999. That was the day when we produced our first large scale live video stream on the Internet: The total solar eclipse of 1999.

I had become friends with Markus, the CTO of the largest website in Germany at the time, Focus Online, when we both worked for Apple touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland to train Apple Service Partners. Markus actually took a holiday from his duties as CTO of Focus to go on those tours, which had a brutal schedule, and after we finished our duties, Markus worked some more hours fixing his servers. He is that kind of guy. But I digress.

My former physics teacher at the Max Born Gymnasium (the German version of high school), was an astronomy buff. For him, the solar eclipse was the perfect occasion to get the students excited about his favourite topic, so he decided to put on a huge solar eclipse party.

At the same time, Apple was looking for use cases for the brand new QuickTime Streaming Server. I thought: Why not combine all of this and live stream the solar eclipse from the observatory – the largest school observatory in Germany - of the Max Born Gymnasium?

It was easy to convince the MBG, Focus Online and Apple and so, on August 11th, 1999, the observatory was stuffed with PowerMac super computers and a top notch Sony video camera attached to the telescope, ready to stream the event to the world. In the end, the telescope proved to be too powerful to be useful, so we just taped the Sony camera to the side of the telescope and pointed it at the sun directly, but the telescope’s tracking proved indispensable for keeping the sun in the center of the camera view.

Shortly after the live stream started, Markus’ mobile phone started beeping like crazy: One server after the other texted panic from overload due to too many watchers. Markus looked at me with a huge smile on his face and said: “That’s a job well done!” It was the largest online live event in Germany at that time.

None of us could have imagined that the enthusiasm for live video streaming born on that day would eventually lead to the creation of mimoLive – The Multi-In, Multi-Out Live Video Engine.

Apple’s QuickTime technology was way ahead of its time back then: We also produced 360° photos – called QuickTime VRs – of the event as shown in the cover picture of this article. View the 360° version over on Facebook.

mimoLive 2.9: Facebook "Spherical Video" Live Streaming

mimoLive now has support for Facebook’s 360° live streaming format, aka “spherical video”.

Watch the quick demo Oliver put together on some of the features.

Also, take a tour around Leoben with Oliver and Achim. The live stream was produced with a Theta S camera mounted to the top of Oliver's car with Achim's 3D printed Theta S tripod mount, connected via USB to a MacBook Pro running mimoLive. The connection to the Internet was established via an iPhone's personal hotspot and LTE. Take a special note of the Google maps projection at the bottom of the stream that gives the location in real time and the Facebook Likes layer which displays the reactions to the live stream.

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European Space Agency Opens Up Discussion On Earth Observation

If you have an important topic to cover, your discussion needs to reach out over social media. At the European Space Agency's "Paradigm Shifts and Future Prospects in Earth Observation" seminar, which was streamed live, the audience was asked to pose questions and comments to the panel via #FutureEO on Twitter. mimoLive was used to show the relevant tweets both in the live stream as well as on stage at the venue. The ESA social media managers only had to "favor" a tweet with the agency's account on their iPhones to make it appear in the stream and on stage instantly.