Media Alert: Boinx Software to show off new products at NAB 2007

iStopMotion 2 Preview

iStopMotion is a tool for recording stop motion animation and time lapse movies. Stop motion animation is the oldest special effects technique in film and still very popular in the production of music videos, ads, kid's TV shows and even feature films. iStopMotion has made the animator a lot more productive by allowing intantaneous preview of the animation and offering various tools to improve on the animation workflow. iStopMotion 2 adds a lot of tricks such as blue-/greenscreening, importing of a video to guide the animation, continuous recording of sequences and support for HD cameras to its bag of tools for the professional animator. Boinx Software will show a preview of iStopMotion 2 at the NAB 2007.

QuartzChartz and FxChartz

Mac OS X contains a very cool tool called Quartz Composer. With it, designers can create visual art that can be played out in real time and on demand to an SDI signal. Solutions are emerging on the market that will allow IPTV producers to use the same kind of info graphics that the large TV stations use in their programming at a fraction of the cost of current systems. Boinx Software joins the bandwagon on this emerging technology by providing extensions to the Quartz Composer system that allows designers to draw in dynamic data from SQL databases such as stock market information and visualize it using a charting tool. The Quartz Composer advantage is that the choices for visual representation are almost limitless and can easily be customised to match the CI of the customer's IPTV offering. Combining Boinx Software's QuartzChartz with the FxFactory technology by Noise Industries allows the creation of an FxPlugin for Final Cut Pro. With this, content producers can automate repetitive workflows in Final Cut Pro, for example creating updated stock charts each day or week. Boinx Software will show a preview of this technology at their NAB 2007 booth.

QuartzCrawl and FxCrawl

These two new products implement a crawl/ticker that reads its information from an RSS feed. With QuartzChartz and Quartz Composer, this can be used for live playout in a broadcast environment or for IPTV. FxCrawl is the Final Cut Pro plugin using the same technology to make it easier to create a ticker over and over again from new data. Boinx Software will show both of those products at the NAB 2007 booth.

Our goal for NAB 2007 is to connect to the broadcast industry and learn about their needs and wants in order to drive these new directions for Boinx Software and the Mac in this exciting professional environment.