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FotoMagico 5

Create and instantly present
multimedia slideshows in 4K

Visual Storytelling For Everyone.

Create gorgeous slideshows on your Mac using your photos, videos, music and text. Use the builtin storylines to tell your very own, unique story. Present it live or export as a high resolution video up to 4k resolution.

Reviews about FotoMagico

  • The app is so intuitive and simple to use, that I can create a complex photo show within half an hour.

    Juli Clover
  • To me the greatest strength of Fotomagico when using 4K clips and stills is its ability to quickly preview special scaling animations! I use it for both pre-visualization and online production. The software fits my 4K workflow perfectly!

    John M. Woody
    Filmmaker, Apple Distinguished Educator

Easy to learn, powerful to use

As a photographer, you want to make great pictures that tug at your audience’s emotions. FotoMagico allows you to flow those pictures freely into a slideshow and to mix them with movies to impress your audience. Sound is just a drag and drop away, too. FotoMagico gives you sophisticated shows with sound and high-end transitions in minutes. Like the Mac itself, it never stands in your way.

Get impressive results instantly

Got an idea for a show? Drag images and movies from your library into FotoMagico’s storyboard. If you change your mind about the sequence order, drag your media files into the arrangement you want. Want to add a transition? Click the options icon, then choose something from the transition menu. You can create your first show in a few minutes. And that show will impress the daylights out of your audience.

It just looks great

Image quality is the acid test for everything in FotoMagico before it’s even considered for release. Your images are the heart of your presentation, so preserving their quality isn’t just a goal, it’s mandatory. We constantly tear down and rebuild animation, transitions and export routines to improve the look of your show.

Create magic immediately

FotoMagico removes the roadblocks hindering your creativity. Adding Ken Burns-style pan and zoom effects is almost automatic, and gives moving drama to your story. Titles give structure, and they’re simple to drop in. Twirl images in and out, slide them away, or topple them like dominoes with transitions.

Tailored for photographers

FotoMagico 5

Create and instantly present
multimedia slideshows in 4K

Learn how to use FotoMagico

Tutorial: Getting Started

In this tutorial you will learn how to get started with FotoMagico™ 5.

Demo: Visual Storytelling for Photographers

FotoMagico™ 5 is the easiest way to create great slideshows on your Mac from your photos and videos, with music and titles.

Getting Started

Watch this Behind the screen video to get a first impression of the workflow in FotoMagico™ 5.
Apple Design Award 2006
Apple Design Award 2008

Out of thousands of contestants each year, Apple chooses the apps which embody the philosophy of the platform best and honors some outstanding developers with a very special prize: the Apple Design Award. 

FotoMagico™ has won this prestigious „Oscar of Apps“ not once but twice.


The Story behind FotoMagico

FotoMagico™ is a brainchild of Peter Baumgartner, one of our software engineers. Peter is a passionate photographer and mountaineer. He wanted to make digital slideshows that were as impressive as his analog ones.

Fortunately, he had not found any slideshow software to meet his high standards. With his strong background in developing photography software for Sinar and Leica Camera AG, he decided to start the FotoMagico Project. Together with Boinx Software, he found a team that is as passionate about photography as himself.

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